How to Make Indonesia's WajanBolic or PanciBolic (USB)

Now I'm gonna teach you all Indonesia's Wifi Antenna made of wok.

NOTE: I didn't invent this cool thing.

Step 1Gather the parts!

Gather the parts!
What you need:

1. Extended USB cable
2. Wok or the cover of a saucepan. (I use the cover of saucepan, because it's lighter).
3. USB WiFi
4. 3" PVC pipe. You need at least 1m. (depending of your wok size)
5. 1.25" PVC pipe. You need just a little of it, at least 5" long. Cut the middle (like in the picture)
6. Doff for 3" pipe (doff=pipe cover, holed in the middle. One of them connect to 1.25" doff using screw)
7. Doff for 1.25" pipe (stick aluminium foil inside then hole in midle, the other don't need to be holed)
8. Aluminium foil
9. Drill

If you don't understand, see picture

Step 2Suck the WiFi USB!

Suck the WiFi USB!

Suck it up on the 1.25" PVC pipe! (picture)

Step 3The hardest part...

The hardest part...
Get the 3" PVC. Count the focal point. Make a mark in the focal point. Then put aluminum foil EXCEPT for the focal point. Then make a hole around 5.3cm from the edge for the USB wifi. Insert than USB Wifi in.

Step 4Almost done!

Almost done!
Close the 3" PVC pipe (the one with the 1.25" doff).

Step 5Drilling!

Drill the wok and screw it with the another 3" doff.

Step 6Secure it together!

Secure it together!
Secure it (picture)
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