How to make Power Saver for your home

This tool can really save electricity in your home from 10-25%. Work of this tool is simply to reduce the number of cosines of the AC current curves which will be read on a gauge to measure a mile in your home. The power saving device will work if there is an AC load through a coil of wire sensors to measure the amount of AC current through it. Or a scientific theory is how we can reduce the possibility of the largest peak (peak of the curve of AC (sine-cosine) to read so low. power saving device component which affects the flow of AC and condenser or capacitor or inductor loop. You can do is flow air conditioner filters before entering the electricity network in your home. Here is a schematic power saving device drawing:

Create the circuit in a plastic box. then use a capacitor with good quality, the more expensive the better. to SW is functioning as a safety in case of short circuiting due to the capacitor.

How It Works

When electricity flows from one point to another, voltage can fluctuate very quickly. These surges in voltage known as 'spikes' waste your electricity as electrical energy is being converted to heat energy. Not only that will the heat waste your electricity, it will also do long-term damage to your wiring and to your electrical appliances.

The electrical power saver device (PowerStar CHT-001C) stores electricity inside it using a system of capacitors and release it in a smoother way. This smoother flow of electricity will stabilise voltage and prevent great surges in voltage that waste energy by generating heat. As a result, power becomes greatly stabilised.

In addition, the electrical power saver device (PowerStar CHT-001C) prevents the creation of carbon oxide layers in switch device and other components. This carbon oxide layer is formed because of the long-term impact from all kinds of instantaneous current and voltage. Existence of this layer per ohm impedance will increase 30% loss of electromotor. By inhibiting the formation of this layer, energy is saved and efficiency of the system becomes improved.

Besides preventing the accumulation of carbon oxide, the electrical power saver device (PowerStar CHT-001C) also removes the existent carbon oxide layers from the circuit, encouraging an easier flow of electricity with less power surges.

All these benefits you receive will expand the capacity of your electricity usage as you can use more electricity at a lower cost. A schematic diagram of this is shown directly below:

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  1. In the diagram what you mean by "J" component?

    10uf 450v capacitor is for how much KW load?

    Can we use bigger capacitor 30u to increase more power savings?

    Plz answer me ASAP. If this work we can working together in the further?



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