How To Make Induction Cooker

The induction cooking design consists of a small number of simple blocks.
The isolated power supply is obtained directly from the mains, 220 V AC 50 Hz. 15 volts are
used to supply the IGBT driver, fan, relay and feedback circuitry, while 5 volts are needed to
supply the rest of the ICs, including the MCU.
The ST7FLITE09Y0 microcontroller controls the whole process and communicates with the
user interface (buttons and display), drives the fan and the relay, receives feedback from the
cooking element (referred to in this document as “plate” for simplicity) and generates the
PWM signal to drive the IGBTs.

Induction Cooker Block Diagram
Although the schematic is not very complex, this section presents the different parts as
separate topics:
  • Mains, DC link and zero voltage switching
  • Isolated power supply
  • Power stage
  • Feedbacks
  • MCU pin configuration
Isolated power supply
An isolated power supply is connected immediately after the mains filtering, without passing
through the safety relay. A VIPer22A and a simple voltage regulator provide 15 and 5 volts
respectively. The power supply ground is isolated from the system ground.

Induction Cooker Circuits

For Circuit Diagram and other details: Click Here

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