Rest API in Shopware PHP

There are few contents on web to use REST Api in Shopware. So, most of the users are unable to find their solutions.That's why, I am here to write some stuffs for you.

Rest Api in shopware php

List of Contents:
  1. Generate Api Key.
  2. Create REST Api using php
  3. Retrieve Data using Api
  4. Post Data using Api
  5. Update Data using Api
  6. Delete Data using Api
Generate Api Key for REST Api in Shopware:
Follow these steps:
  • Login to Shopware Backend

  • When you logged in successfully. Go inside Configuration ----  User administration. See fig (below)
 Shopware user admin
  • Click Edit User:
Shopware Edit User

  •  Check Enabled checkbox under API access. An API key generated automatically. Please copy User name and API key for future use. Click Save button to enable api service.
Shopware Create API

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