Best 16 Features of Android 7 Nougat You Should Know

Google has published the official name as the “Nougat” for the latest release of Android. Nougats are a series confections made using sugar, honey, roasted nuts and chopped candied fruits. There were many predictions regarding the name of new android firmware version. Millions of people thought that it will be “Android Nutella”. But the Google has confirmed the official name as “Android Nougat”.

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1. View Apps Side-by-Side

Possibly the biggest new feature in Android Nougat is a multi-window mode. While you're using an app, just long-press the recent apps button, then you'll be prompted to select another app. Once you do that, both apps will be visible side by side, with a black bar in the middle that you can drag to resize the windows. It makes for a great experience when browsing the web while watching videos, and it turns Android into a true multitasking platform.

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