How to Increase traffic by submit the blogs

Submit your blog to this below sites.This is top 50 Directories you can get more traffic.i know submitting is bore. but if we try and work hard,we can get more traffic.

DMOZ                                page rank  9
Jayde                                 page rank  6                   page rank  6
Patient UK                         page rank  6                 page rank  6
Gimpsy                               page rank  6
ExactSeek                          page rank  7
Bizweb                                page rank  6
Haaba                                 page rank  6
Canadopedia                      page rank  6
Earthstation 9                    page rank  5
Re-quest                             page rank 5
MavicaNet                         page rank 5
Web World                         page rank 6
 IllumiRate                         page rank 6
America's best                   page rank 6
Web Beacon                       page rank 6
 Clear Lead Inc.                 page rank 6
Books Music Video            page rank 6                            page rank 6                      page rank 6
Re-Quest dot Net               page rank 6
PsychNet-UK                      page rank 6
Clickey                                page rank 6
Proudly Canadian                page rank 6
TurnPike Directory             page rank 5
Greenstalk new                   page rank 5 
Smallerbizz                           page rank 5                          page rank 5
Hoppa                                   page rank 5
All The Bizz                          page rank 5
Click4Choice                        page rank 5
Websavvy                             page rank 5                          page rank 5
Cyber Web Search                page rank 5
DC2NET                                page rank 5
The Orange Pages                 page rank 5
Josh's Sanctum                      page rank 5
Web's Best Directory            page rank 5                      page rank 5
Yeandi                                    page rank 5         
Bontonic                                 page rank 5
All Free Things                      page rank 5
Fitness Pros BodyBuilding    page rank 5                      page rank 5
Money Talk                           page rank 5                   
Keep it up......
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