How to Transfer voice or sound signals on a wireless medium

A lot of application needs wireless transmission of sound/voice signals. This interesting circuit presents a mechanism to transmit voice/sound signals on a wireless medium. The transmission takes place through IR. The circuit can be described in two parts:  transmitting unit and the receiving unit

Main Parts:

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Circuit Diagram:

The transmitting unit consists of a sound sensor (condenser mic) which converts the sound signal captured into weak electrical signals and an amplifying circuit to amplify the weak signals. The amplified signals are given to an IR LED for transmission.

These signals are received by the IR receiver in the receiving unit and amplified using a sound amplifier IC TDA 2007. The output is then fed to the speaker.
The transmitting unit consists of a condenser mic used as a sound sensor and an amplifying unit made up of two transistors. The signals after being amplified by the amplifier unit are transmitted through an IR LED. The range of this circuit is small of the order of few cm.

The IR receiver receives the IR rays transmitted by the IR LED and converts them to electrical pulses. These signals are fed to the amplifier IC TDA 2007, which amplifies the weak electrical signals. The output is obtained through the speaker which converts electrical signals to sound signals.
To increase the range of the circuit, we need to amplify the electrical signals transmitted by the IR LED.

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