How To Make Night Vision Goggles

Night vision is made possible by a combination of two approaches: sufficient spectral range, and sufficient intensity range. Humans have poor night vision compared to many animals
well dont you want how it happens?
what we have on one eyepiece is  a red theatrical sheet over which 2blue theatrical sheets are kept .the main heart of this thing are infrared leds

Night Vision goggles by s2ptech

you know what the best part is ? I show you 3 different ways to make it
Step 1: Materials you need

Night vision goggles parts by s2ptech

  • Red and Blue theatrical sheets
  • Infrared leds 4 to 5
  • Cheap glasses 
  • Coin cell or button cell get 6volts at least max 9volts 
  • Switch 


  • Clear transparent sheet
  • Blue and Red permanent marker
  • Infrared leds 
  • Cheap glasses 
  • Coin cell along with a switch


  • 2 3D goggles
  • Infrared leds
  • Coin cells and switch

Step 2: Method 1

Night vision goggles method

  • Get your glasses and cut the shape of the lenses on the red and blue sheets
  • remember there must be 1 red and 2 blue sheets for a single eyepiece
  • Put the lenses back on to the goggles 
  • Now glue the led cluster on the top of the goggles te led can be attached in parrallel or seris as you want Connect it to the battery via a switch done 
  • Check it out in darkness 

Step 3: METHOD 2

Night vision goggles method 2

Get your glasses and trace the shape of the lenses on the clear sheets there must be 6 in all. for one eyepiece there must be one red and two blue pieces  to get these pieces color the red and blue accordingly using the red and blue permanent markers now glue one red and two blue on a single lenses glue the led cluster and connect it to the battery via a switch
Test them out
Step 4: METHOD 3

Night vision googles method3

  • GET your 3d goggles and superimpose them in such a way such that on one eyepiece red and blue films come together
  • Glue the goggles together accordingly 
  • Glue the led cluster on the top 
  • Connect it to the battery via the switch 

All the methods are done now test it out for yourself.
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