How to increase Tata Photon speed

Tata Tele services  has announced its wireless High Speed Internet Access solution called Photon plus in India. They offered a bandwidth of 3.1 Mbps but most of the people getting a speed around 1 mbps (bandwidth) and a downloading speed of 50 - 130 kbps.  The wireless internet speed is truly depend upon the frequency bands called channels. 

One of the reason for for your internet connection is slow may be the channel you are using is busy with your neighbor wireless routers and therefore both interfere each other. However these things related to the wireless internet speed are truly depend upon the ISP and the network, users can only do a tuning of the Windows network settings to get maximum available speed.

By default, Windows install didn't configured the wireless card for higher speeds. So you have to use any network tweaker  programs to do this.I use TCp optimizer for boosting internet speed by tweaking the settings

Steps to tune windows for optimum speed:

  • Download TCPOptimizer
  • Run the program by Double clicking it.
  • Move the speed slider to your desired speed say 1Mbps
  • At the bottom, change the radio button to optimal settings and press apply.
  • Press OK and restart the system

If you get slower speeds after the tweak, you need to adjust the slider 2-3 times to get the suitable settings.

To Know whether other Routers are interfering your connection Download Netstumbler
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