Electronic Mosquito Repeller Circuit

This circuit produces a tone above the Human audible range and this is supposed to keep the Mosquitoes away. You need a Piezo diaphragm that will respond to 15 KHz and these are very difficult to find.
This electronics mosquito repellent schematic circuit diagram based on the 555 Timer IC is a simple and useful mosquito repellent circuit. This mosquito repeller circuit generate an ultrasonic sound with a high output frequency that allows spreading mosquitoes within a wide radius. The circuits is quite simple and require few external components. The oscillation frequency is given by the value of the R1, R2 and C1 components and can be modified changing the value of components or replacing the R2 fixed resistor with a variable resistor ( Potentiometer).

The actual oscillation frequency of this electronic mosquito repeller circuit is around 45KHz (46.5KHz) so you need to use a good high frequency speaker, you can use a piezo speaker.
This Circuit can be supplied from a 9 Volt DC Power supply. This repeller circuit can be used for almost any animal. It works on : Cats, Dogs, Rats. Even If you don’t hear the sound generated by device. Don’t worry because the high frequency is less audible by the human ear.

You Can use following Circuit for more accuracy:

You can also use following Circuit:

R1,R4 - 10 K Ohm
R2,R3 - 560 K Ohm
C1    - 82 PF
C2    - 330 PF
T1,T2 - BC547
Piezo Buzzer (Without internal oscillator)

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