Make all External links No-Follow Automatically

How To Make All External Links No-Follow Automatically:

Google Panda is just come so many blogger and website are old and have many of links in there sites and blog so they cannot edit all of there post and add rel="nofollow" in all of there blogs and website external link. Don't worry, here is a simple script to make all external links nofollow automatically, it only takes few minutes.

No follow external links

How To Add In Blogspot?
1.) Go To Your
2.) Open Your Desire Blog.
3.) Go To Layout.
4.) Click "Add A Gadget" Where You Want To Add It.
5.) Now Scroll To "HTML-JAVASCRIPT"
6.) Click "+" Icon To Add It.
7.) Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It To There.
8.) Leave The Title Empty.
9.) Click Save, Now You Are Done.

How To Add In Website?
1.) Just Go To Your HTML File.
2.) Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It Between <body> </body>.
3.) Save It, Now You Are Done.
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>
jQuery('a').each(function() {
var href = jQuery(this).attr('href');
if (typeof href != 'undefined' && href != "" && (href.indexOf('http://') != -1 ||
href.indexOf('https://') != -1) && href.indexOf(window.location.hostname) == -1) {
jQuery(this).attr("rel", "nofollow");

1.) Remove First Line If You Already Have JQuery Plugin.
2.) Save And Secure Yourself.
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