Post Category using REST Api in Shopware

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Post Category using REST Api in Shopware

Post Category:

Follow these steps:

1. Create a page "postcategory.php" and put following code.

include 'config.php';     // Know more about config.php in last post. Must Read 
$s2parray = Array        (
                "id" => "A NEW CATEGORY ID",
                        "parent" => "PARENT ID",
                        "name" => "NAME",
"path" => "PATH",
"position" => "POSITION",
"metakeywords" => "META KEYWORDS",
"metadescription" =>"META DESCRIPTION",
"cmsheadline" => "CMS HEADLINE",
"cmstext" => "CMS TEXT",
"template" => "TEMPLATE",
"active" => TRUE OR FALSE,
"blog" => "BLOG",
"showfiltergroups" => "SHOW FILTER GROUPS",
"external" => "EXTERNAL",
"hidefilter" => "HIDE FILTER"
$client->post('categories', $s2parray);
2. Run this code.


1. Please replace values of those fields, you don't want, to NULL.
2. You can remove "id". If you want to generate category automatically.
3. Don't remove parent. It is a required field. If you remove this field. You will get following error message:

                                             parent id is missing


Don't delete a default row from category table. It has category id = 3 and parent id = 1
If you delete it. You will get above error message.

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